Alcohol Markers

Touch Twin Markers

Twin Brush-Chisel tip markers (+Fine-Chisel tip markers CG1-Black)

Brand: Shinhan TOUCH (made in Korea)
From: hungarian stationery store (
Price: 1590 HUF / ~4.53 USD (current – 2023.08.)

Touch Marker photos
Touch Marker colors I have

Cheap Twin Markers

Twin Fine-Chisel tip markers

Brand: noname
From: a local misc store (they sell everything and anything)
Price: around 150 HUF / ~ 0.43 USD (current – 2023.08.)
Link: no online store

Cheap Marker photos
Cheap Marker colors I have

Copic Ciao Twin Markers

Twin Brush-Chisel tip markers

Brand: Copic
From: local stationery store
Price: around 1900-2000 HUF / ~5.41-5.69 USD (current – 2023.08.)
Last time I bought some it was around 1600 HUF – ~4.55 USD

Copic Ciao photos
Copic Ciao colors I have